National Certified Alarms, Inc. was founded in Nashville, TN in 1997 by James A. Stein, because he believed that consumers were paying too much for their alarm monitoring services. NCA currently offers burglar alarm monitoring services at the very popular and competitive rate of $9.95 a month. NCA installed their first customer in April of 1998. Since then they have added thousands of customers.

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Karen B. Dunlap (Nashville, TN)
NCA called my cell around 10 p.m. CST, confirmed that the alarm was no accident and alerted Police. In the 30-40 minutes that I was in contact with a couple of NCA staffers and got word that Police said that my house was sound. When I returned to Nashville neighbors said that Police had visited that night and there were no other problems during my 10 days away.

This is particularly comforting to me because after 30 years in Tampa and retiring I’ve moved back to Nashville, to the Haynes community in which I grew up.

So, I welcome any guidance on safety as I’ll regularly return to Florida.